Oistress Streetpunk, Riot but Cute, ZAF Band, Deine Misere, Blood Atonement, Final Error, Demored, Vae Victis, Rana, Rituals of the Dead Hand, Beltez, Mata Leão, Arriving Home, Mindslide, Kolider, Fargo, Soonago, La Mer Étale, Vault, Orca, Memoth, Teutonic Slaughter, Ascendency, Lost Abeyance, Theory of Murder, Toneshift


Unter Null DJ Stream Sylvester Bäm, Mängelexemplar, Steffi und die Rhumbas, Lord Vigo, Savage Master, Power Game, Dust, Karloff, Securitate, Infernal Destination, Bat Religion, Auszenseiter, DysRaised, Krimi, No Hooks, Paranoiac, Old Ruins, WiltShowdown, Stevie To The Noise, No Rest For The Jaded, Burning Lizzard, Bussberg Collective Unterdruck Party, Trixxi Unlimited, Mekki.508, Jan Corssen, Luko, Wizard, Crystal Viper, Torian, Lost World Order, Pankration, Goon, ToneShift, Denk Würdig, Lost Abeyance, Charmone, The Xurbs, Theraplay, Daecher, RRR, Petrol, Mogel, Evil Grin, Evoked, Intöxicated, Infestation, Thakandar, Lost Abeyance, Beyond Martian Skies, Kolider, Überflüssig, Vier Meter Hustensaft, Deine Misere, L.A.G., Terzije De Horde, Raptvre, Urmorth, Garden Of Sinners, Apeiro, Burn These Lies, Human Strain, Theory Of Murder. Spearhead, Fleshworks, Written in Blood, All Nine Yards, Hereafter, Big N, Laid, Wayn, Joshka106, CanelSVS, Elyas. Arda139 + Ramon


Unter Null DJ Stream Sylvester Bäm + Yami Spechie & Tilly Electronics, La Mer Ètale, Beyond Martian Skies, Vyre, Tomb Of Giants, Ravager, Scythe Beast, Piece By Piece, From Shadow To Light, Sonic Skies, Mata Leão, Garden Of Sinners, HVRT, Beltez, Blood Specter, Power Game, In Command, Nightbearer, Final Error, Soonago, Noorvik, The Bellweather Firmament, Theory Of Murder, Not My Art, Through The Valleys, Hereafter, S.Castro, Crazie Nabsz, Joshka106, Wayn, Canel, Arda139, Arteus, Alien331, Ramon, Bandita + Elias



Keine Konzerte / No Concerts



Ascendency, All Nine Yards, Hope Never Dies, Apeiro, Flowerleaf, Alkemy, Mir zur Feier, One Final Fight, Choose Your Path, Don't Call It Dad, Inside Of The Heartless, Vostok Import, Hateforce One, Breed, Pankration, Trapjaw, Beyond Martian Skies, Kolider, Dedpol, Kara s Remembrance, Dedpool, Secret Haven, Scar:Lead , Amity Island, Lost Abeyance + Weber & Knechte. JZ Stricker LIVE Sessions (Sommer 2020) als Livestream: Stevie To The Noise, Rosi, Ganguin, Soonago, Triggerfish, Krimi, H.Neu aka Herr Rhodes, The Riot Club, Leding Full Band, Necrotic Woods, Minenfeld, Dust, Stonerhead, Final Error, Kratar + Lion Head.



Caelum, As Oceans Collide, Reinforcer, Between Portals, Lost World Order, Fleshworks, Collapse Instinct, Mortals Path, Bloodvale, Apeiro, What I Create, The Entire Past, Pandorium, Past Insane, Canaima, Greydon Fields, Symbrid, Kara, From Shadows To Light, Falling Bricks, Lion Head, Tante Herbert, Mess Around, Projektgruppe Die Band, Tacheless, Charger, Nights Blood, In Command, The Trash Templars, Without Sally, Collectors Edition, Valvekiller, Kolider, One Shot, Billa, Spacebunny Ninja, BL15, Triggerfish, Cold, Phantom Pain, We Had A Name Once, The Bellweather Firmament, Blyh, Träumen Von Aurora, Garden Of Sinners, Tongue, Zombie Riot, Memoth, Paranoiac, Hey Miracle, Summery Mind, The Late Night Call, Hermetrik, Local Shop, Ruby In The Box, Night Orchestra, Sun Worship, Außerwelt, Naxen, All Nine Yards, Crownfall, Horseman, Mata Leão, Taskforce Toxicator, Evoked, Crimson Glow + Cryptic Brood.



Kopfkino, Geheimratszecken, Jens Kavernom, ZZZ Hacker, Invoker, Thakandar, Tongue, Mess Around, Ruby In The Box, Frl. Ingrid aus Stockholm, Lattengerade, Zebrastreifen, From The Vault, Greyvity, Ascendency, Don` t Call It Dad, Ecru, Wilt, Uncover, Canaima, Martha, PunPunBo, Salvation Amp, Frank The Baptist, Nocturnal, Vulture, Nuctemeron, Hellish Crossfire, Opium Divan, Grim Van Doom, Shever, Bathsheba, Vyre, Sekoria, Urmorth, Garden Of Sinners, Carnal Tomb, Embedded, Terrible Sickness & Ratfeast, Bushfire, Stonerhead, Drive By Wire, Black Mood, Erazor, Panzer Squad, Shitshifter, Forsaken Tomb, Mata Leao, Tragedy Of Mine, The Legion: Ghost, Hero´ s Fate, As You Left, Horn, Eis, Halphas, Demored, Nightbearer, Wilt, Inquiring Blood, Metalmind, Powergame + Torian.



Tides, Root Of Sound, Renegades, Shun, Lost World Order, Dawn Of Disease, Savage Blood, Project: Midnight, Caelum, And There Will Be Blood, Hope Never Dies, As Oceans Collide, Graveyard Ghoul, Wifebeater, Resistor, Witches Steel, Hero´  s Fate, Interra, Mir Zur Feier, Sulamith, Wilt, PsyQ, Uncover, Symbrid, Soulbound, Limelight Fire, Summery Mind, Heretic, Doomentor, Bulldozing Bastard, Scalpture, Fleshworks, Bloodvale, Delirious, Rhino Reckoning, Stevie To The Noise, Quiet Cowtone, Narrowlane, Storage5, Driftwood, I.Vortex, One Final Fight, Sonic Burst, Nights Blood, Mortals Path, Rekrucifixiön, Goath, Mata Leao, Awaiting Downfall + The Joke Hughjean, Axolotl, Ravager, Dust, Minenfeld, Spellbreaker, Garden Of Sinners, Covenaut, Grand Mercury, Rockwell 52, Hovercraft Hammerfist, Soonago + Felix Muster.



3st, Achtglas, Altar Of Oblivion, Antagonist, As Eyes Shut, As I Rise, As You Left, Attic, B.S.T., Beastless, Blackevil, Burn These Lies, Caelum, Call Me On Friday, Clock:Wise, Concept of Drowning, Dead Ember, Deathronation, Dirty Connections, Driftwood, Electric Cyrcus, Evoked, Foxglove, Hexa, Huckleberry’s Wildest Dream, In Sanity, Kontroll-punkt, L:AF, Late Generation, Life.Labour.Lost, Lifeless, Liquid Cactus, Local Shop, Lost World Order, Marauder, Mata Leão, Mess Around, Naevus, Out Of My Eyes, Pandorium, Panzer Squad, Pink Pix, Project: Midnight, Richard, It’s Perfect, Securitate, Selfdevoured, Shoot The Girl First, Stone Age Is Over, Suzen’s Garden, Terrible Sickness, The Entire Past, The Variety Show, Torian, Trapjaw, Urmorth, Valvekiller, Vulture + Yclism.



2boys1pub, 4KnoX, A Plumbers Nightmare, Achtglas, Alldamn, Arcane Empire, Arcsign, As Eyes Shut, Blue Sid Band, Bucker’s Hum, Burn These Lies, Carriers, Choose your Path, Dead Ember, Die grüne Welle, Dirty Connections, Driftwood, Emergency Exit, Haltbar, Hell Commando, Hexa, His Statue Falls, Hobo @ The Railroadstation, Huckleberry’s Wildest Dream, Hydra’s Fate, I Scream For Ice Cream, Ins-A-ne, Intöxicated, Iron Angel, Iron Law, Jimmy Slick, Kara, Last Days of Summer, Late Generation, Life.Labour.Lost, Limelight Fire, Lost World Order, Mata Leão, Metalmind, Mokephone, Nachthimmel, Natural Selection, Necrotic Woods, Nocturnal Witch, Obsessör, Pandorium, Pantybear van Hasselnot, Pink Pix, Powergame, Queen Anne’s Revenge, Random I am, Resist Of Agony, Scalpture, Seconds To The End, Shitshifter, Since 4 Days, Slaughter Messiah, Snäke Plissken, Sonic Skies, Spectral Minds, Spellbreaker, Stevie To The Noise, Sulamith, Summery Mind, Symbrid, Terrorblade, Teutonic Slaughter, The Djuks, The Dreed, Trapjaw, Uncover, Uneducation, Utopia, Wilt, World Collapsed, Zarge, + Zerstörer.


2boys1Pub, A Moment Left, A Plumbers Nightmare, Agatha Shot, Agent Alex, Alibi For A Murder, As Oceans Collide, As We Arise, Astronauts Gone Astray, At Second Glance, Black Gaffa, Bulldozing Bastard, Choose Your Path, Creampies, Crown of Things, Dead Ember, Dead Horizon, Dirty Connections, Dust, Egosplit, Evoked, Fa!l, Goodbye Heartbeats, Graustuferot, Graveyard Ghoul, Insidious, Invader, Koroded, Kuya Lu, Life.Labour.Lost, Lights Of Utopia, Man Made Predator, Mayak, Midway, Mir Zur Feier, Nailed To Obscurity, Natural Selection, Pandorium, Part Of A Progress, Perish By Drowning, Powergame, Pray For Absolution, Revolt, Seconds To The End, Securitate, Sonic Skies, Soulbound, Spellbreaker, Stevie To The Noise, Storage 5, Subprime, Sulamith, Symbrid, The Bromfiets, The Hitch, The Palm Set, The Trash Templars, TheJesusHairCut, Uncover, Until September, Waste The Day, Wilt, Without Pants + Zynn Copper.


13 Steps, 2Boys1Pub, 5ft. High & Rising, A Plumbers Nightmare,  Agatha Shot, And There Will Be Blood, Arcane Empire, As Oceans Collide, At Second Glance, Braindead Dogs, Brusthaar-toupet, Burial Vault, Captain Capa, Consider The Downfall, Copilot, Crying Cockroach, Dave & Mighty, Dead But Still Breathing, Dead Ember, Dead Head Down, Despise & Conquer, Dethroned In Ruins, Distance In Embrace, Dr. Oitker, Dukes Of The Mist, Fatal, Felix Muster, Firefly,  Forever Ends Today, FS-Ninety8, Gone Country, Haltbar, Hi Shark,  Hold Echoes Close, Huckleberry’s Wildest Dream, Icarus Downfall, Invader, Last Days of Summer, Late Than Never, Mayak, Metalmind, Mir Zur Feier, Never Void, News From The Basement, Perish By Drowning, Right Down To Business, Rising Insane, Schafe & Wölfe, Secrets of a Psychopath, Sky Turns Violet, Spellbreaker, Stevie To The Noise, Storage 5, Symbrid, Tsubasa, Waste The Day, Watch Out Stampede + Without Walter.



Spellbreaker, Wilt, First Degree Murder, Necrotic Woods, Last Day Of June, Remember The Past, A Blooshed Romance, Mir Zur Feier, Dead Horizon, Soulbound, All Will Know, Bloodspot, Bozkan, F-Tin, Destroyer, Speedy-T, Dagobert Fuck, The Plagues Aftermath, A Baleful Agony, Jacks & Jokers, Stevie To The Noise, The Dumbos, Copilot, Dead But Still Breathing, Anni´s Park, Pray For Absolution, Funky Fish And The Skangaroos, Ray Stress, Kolbenfresse, Zyn Cooper, Assbest, Patrick Trewin, Joschka Brings, The Storm Is You, The Troopers, Tarranado, Distance In Embrace, Surfahs Foundation, A Pale Grey Scene, Stiftberg, Mothercake & Coffee, Mr Morbid & Melph, Comar, Nina Janus, Huckelberry´s Wildest Dream, Kimusaver & Marlo, Fatal, Jens Kavernom, Port Hope, In Enemy Hands, Society Off, Anteater, Choose Yor Path, Dead Horizon, Paid In Pain, Tomorrow Never Knows, My Adorable, Never Void, Hold Echos Close, Alexis In Tewas, One Brick Short + On the Red Carpet.



Aimforthehead, Uncover, Comander Keen, Crimson Tree, Dizzy Dudes, Freiburg, Jacks & Jokers, Jens Kavernom, All Days Escalate, Not Responsible, The Black Groove Zone, Gelée Royal, The Sofas, The Reason Of Destiny,  Assbest, Dark Daze Ahead, Even If I Fall, End Is Forever, Dead Horizon, Disposed To Mirth, Eskimo Callboy, Shemales From Outta Space Of Death, Headshot.Failed.Desperation, A Plumbers Nightmare, Horseman, Soulbound, Dreamothergirl, Träumen von Aurora, Pointless & Me, Remember The Past, Denuncio, Snareset, Choose Your Path, No Shame, Distillery´s Child, Fatal + Brut `n Bottle, Arcsign, Urmoth, Sekoria, Insert Coin, Distance In Embrace, Kosslowski + Depths.



Sudden Death, Spellbreaker, Burial Vault, None Valueless Art, Symbrid, Pray For Absolution, Comander Keen, Headshot.Failed.Desperation, Pro Blunder, Dead Horizon, Longing For Tomorrow, Distance In Embrace, Shemales From Outta Space Of Death, Split Image, Subculture Squad, Fatal, Ghost Street, Last Days Of Summer, Endless Summer, DamnIam, Kotzreiz, Krusty Crew, Souls For Sale + Choleric.



Spellbreaker, Contra Cultura, Mania , Enfeeble, Revage, Jaroslaw, Dive, Oadby, The Cockroaches, Mix Origins, Distance in Embrace, Longing For Tomorrow, Krusty Crew, Sophie At Mire, Behind Horizons Of Darkness, Scharmützel, Schloidergang, Fatal, Ghost Street, Jens Kavernom, Cabinfever, Lest We Die, Mr. Anderson, 2Blind, Versus The Throne, End Is Forever, Aimforthehead, Uncover, Television Timeout, Dark Daze Ahead, Copilot, Souls For Sale, Krawehl, Port Hope, Jan.Tenner, Choke Out, The Art Of Losing, High fired Water + Arcona Comes.



Mr. Anderson, Choleric, The Pace Pilots, Wayin-Side, Deepstahl, Distance In Embrace, Fallen Walls, Pro Blunder, Fallen From Grace, One Of Those Moments, Plastikwasser, One Way Ticket, The Art Of Losing, Mötex, Pointless And Me, Flint Inc, Fatal, Schloidergang, Forbidden Kings, Navo, Störsender, Bonzenbrenner, Channel 8, Arson, Unizoo, Lovis, DogHouze, Rocca Ventosa, Just Us And Jonas, Oadby, Lautstark, Kopfsteinpflasta, Brusthaartoupet, Road Rage Monkey, Thekenprominenz, Bionic Ghost Kids, Hanni Kohl, Winston & George, Lest We Die, Statement Crew, Hard Soul, Rabe, Turkish Crime, Blickfunk, Sinnfusion, Kay Fist & Maxat + Phil 62.



Independenzia, Harlem City, Click Boom, Maltematik, Raw Essence, Eloquent Music, Phil 62, Sao Paul & Fabio, Rasputin, Chico & Kane, Pimpulsiv, Raplethix, Hanse City, Kay & Top, Zombi Squad, MarDe & Citizen Fame, Mic Tyson, MC Perlitz, Blickfunk, Trashhold, Deckah & Umse, Statement Crew, Favorite, Shiml, F.R., Hard Soul, Casper, Plastikwasser, Twentyfour-Seven, DogHouze, Deepstahl, Plem Plem, Ducktapes, Schurke, Rappack, Sinnfusion, One Take One Hit, Schlafwandler & Sicc, Zombee Killaz, Morlockk Dilemma, Al Capone + Joe Martin.